Project Summary Nearly six decades ago, Francis Bouygues founded Le groupe Bouygues with ambitious plans to service the building industry in and around Paris, France.

Firstly, on the UK, you mentioned in the past that the market was booming and Brexit could help the market things to settle down, which could be good news.Second, we faced a tough basis of comparison as Colas refinery results in Thailand, one of the main contributors, were strong in the first nine months of 2015.About this article: Expand Tagged: Industrial Goods, General Building Materials, France, Transcripts Error in this transcript.You mentioned that the buy-to-let initiatives seems to be encouraging from different candidates, are there any other areas of focus that we should be watching as well.My third question, do you have any -- can you share a little bit more with us on the US construction business, especially Colas, and perhaps the split between the US and Canada, I think the momentum is quite different.Secondly, in France, with the upcoming elections next year, could you discuss the key areas of focus that you will be watching next year.

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About the two telecom questions, the first one was about promotions.Firstly, just following up on the stimulus or the infrastructure packages in the US, do you feel you have sufficient exposure to the US market already to be able to benefit from these plans.Because you remember that we have a fantastic and exceptional positive effect in terms of working cap Q4 2015, so the variation is quite large, around EUR500 million.If it is not the case, we are able to rent, to share, to have other type of strategy.

With this in mind, we now expect net debt, by end 2016, to be stable compared to the end of 2015 amount of EUR2.6 billion.And third question, around regulation, do you still expect the current fiber framework to be amended somehow by Arcep.

Winning customers in fixed helps Bouygues Telecom expand and strengthen its positioning in households in an increasingly convergent mobile and fax and fixed environment.As Philippe said before, we are very pragmatic and we will see in the future what is necessary to achieve our free cash flow target.Generally, what is the lag from here to when you would typically expect to see revenues coming in the door.

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Sp the key point is to have access to a network, partly our, partly through sharing that we do today, partly through the agreement we have with Orange in the medium-dense area through the 5% tranches.So the key point is to have the same path between our marketing approach and our accessible network.But at the time being, just keep in mind that on the 3 million we have already ordered there is only -- Orange has only rolled out 0.1 million, so we have some times to order more.

PARIS--French conglomerate Bouygues SA (EN.FR) on Thursday said its net profit nearly doubled in 2016, in large part due to its telecommunications unit.Moving to slide 15, you can see the continuous progress of our 4G offers among our customer base.But there is no reason to have a big increase one year because of these different plans.Let us now have a look at the key figures of the construction businesses, on slide 12.And they stay with us because we have very good 4G quality network.

Shares in Bouygues have soared on hopes that a deal to sell its telecom business is imminent.So for the future, we will come back to you at beginning of next year.October commercial performance confirms that we will achieve this target, one year ahead of schedule.On the fixed, we are the price makers in the market to grow rapidly, and we target a market share equivalent to the market share in the mobile.Bouygues Construction is now a world player in the areas of construction.For the impact in terms of capital gain of the disposal of our stake in A41, the capital gain will be almost the same amount as the total proceed.Bouygues Telecom is one of the biggest telecom service providers in France, and has millions of subscribers in the country.Again, our general view is the fact that we have to increase our CapEx when asset is strategic and is differentiated CapEx.

Like for like, and at constant exchange rates, sales were down only 2% related to a decrease in Colas activity in two geographic areas: first, in Central Europe, due to delays in the launch of road and motorway programs in the first half of 2016, and, second, in Canada, mainly in western provinces, due to the drop in oil revenues.

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Yes, regarding Dunkirk, we will have almost achieved the plan in 2016.Helped by new grants for local investments, voted by the French Government, for 2016 and 2017, local authorities began to invest slightly more in road management as the primary roads network has deteriorated.The good news is that the quality and the coverage of 4G will continue to improve.Bouygues Construction and Autodesk Establish Strategic Relationship. 3D Software for Building Information Modeling Helping Transform Global Construction.To gain new customers, Bouygues Telecom relies, first, on its own DSL network in strategic areas to access over 17.1 million households, with close to 1,800 central offices. 76% of our DSL customers are on our own network at end September 2016.

Bouygues Batiment International (Qatar), Doha Latest Contact Information and Project References.In fact, in the next several months we expect a number of significant contracts to close in international markets, such as in Northern Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Cuba.In Q3 2016, mobile sales from network are up 5.9% year on year, thanks to growth in customer base and ARPU stabilization, as demonstrated in the two charts.But we will be able to offset by our structural rules in the future.For your information, the EUR1.075 billion Group net CapEx, as shown in this slide, includes the sale of 230 towers to Cellnex.But keep in mind that on less-dense areas, private initiative, the rollout by Orange is only at the beginning.

This order book reflects good performance in gradual stabilization in France, as well as targeted growth in international markets.The target of this 4G, I would say, fixed box is to propose to the clients that are not able to have a good DSL network, to propose them an Internet access.